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Advantage Spot On Cat and Rabbit

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Advantage – Spot-on treatment for fleas on cats, kittens and rabbits

Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken in the compilation of this product information, readers are requested to refer to the package insert / product packaging for complete details before using the specific product.


  • Small (up to 4kg) and Rabbit: 4 x 0.4ml tubes
  • Large (4kg+): 4 x 0.8ml tubes


  • Controls fleas on cats, kittens and rabbits.
  • May be used on kittens from 8 weeks of age and rabbits from 10 weeks of age.
  • Kills fleas on cats and rabbits within 24 hours of treatment and will continue to protect the animals from re-infestation for up to four weeks on cats and up to one week on rabbits.
  • Kills fleas before they can lay eggs.
  • Larval flea stages are killed in the surroundings of Advantage®-treated pets.


  • For kittens, cats and rabbits up to 4 kg, use one 0,4 ml tube once a month.
  • Rabbits weighing more than 4 kg should receive 2 tubes of 0,4 ml or 1 tube of 0,8 ml.
  • For cats over 4 kg, use one 0,8 ml tube once a month.
  • Hold the applicator tube in an upright position. Pull cap off the tube.
  • Turn the cap around and place the other end of the cap back on the tube.
  • Twist cap to break the seal, then remove the cap from the tube.


Imidacloprid 10 % m/v.

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