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Dermoscent Pyo Spot for Dogs

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Purifying spot-on to help prevent cutaneous infection (pyodermas & Malassezia dermatitis), repairs the skin barrier function. Recommended as an adjunct treatment to conventional treatments or as a stand-alone treatment to prevent relapses.

Disclaimer: Although great care has been taken in the compilation of this product information, readers are requested to refer to the package insert/product packaging for complete details before using the specific product.

Packaging available: 
4 Pipettes 

  • 0-10kg: 0.6ml 
  • 10-20kg: 1.2ml 
  • 20-40kg: 2.4ml 

Directions for use 
For use on a specific area: 
Empty contents of PYOspot at different spots close to affected areas directly onto the skin. Don't apply directly on lesions. 

For use with generalised lesions: 
For cases with generalised lesions, apply 1 pipette per week at one or two spots between the shoulders. Veterinary advice must be followed with regard to the duration of treatment. It is recommended not to bathe the animal during the 2 days before and after application.

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