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F10 F919SC Bio-Film Remover and Heavy Duty Degreaser

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A biofilm remover and heavy-duty cleanser with an emulsifying action for removing heavy soiling, protein, fats and natural oil deposits and biofilm from hard surfaces safely and effectively.

What is a biofilm?:

Biofilms are simple to complex microbial ecosystems on surfaces. The ecosystems can consist of bacteria, fungi and/or yeasts that “communicate” with each other in various ways and form a framework/matrix that prevents the effective action of simple disinfectants/antimicrobials.


All surfaces in medical and veterinary facilities, pack houses and production facilities Animal Housing
CIP lines and tubing e.g. ET Tubes, anaesthetic tubes
Drains and pipelines
Equipment e.g. buckets, troughs
Tack e.g. bridles and halters

Dosage and directions for use:

Clear away debris and wash surface down with preferably hot water. Immediately apply F919SC at a concentration of;

40 ml in 10 L clean water for lightly soiled surfaces
100 ml in 10 L clean water for biofilms, oils and light fat deposits
200 ml in 10 L clean water for resistant biofilms and heavy fat deposits

After a contact time of 5 —10 minutes, but before the surface dries, vigorously brush off or use a HP Washer to clear the surface.

On vertical surfaces and those with heavy grease deposits it may be necessary to repeat the process to remove all deposits.

Replace cap after use.

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