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Mikki Matt Breaker

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All Mikki de-matting products have micro-serrated edges and are made from stainless steel to ensure long-lasting quality and excellent results.

Features & Benefits:

  • Easy & efficient removal of mats & tangles
  • With a new & improved ergonomic handle
  • Stainless steel blades are shaped for optimum cutting effect
  • Easy to remove the head to be reversed for left & right-handed users

Directions For Use:

  • If your pet is excessively matted it may wise to seek professional assistance. Also, sensitive areas may be better clipped as they are more vulnerable.
  • Clean the Matt Breaker after each use, put a little light oil on the blades & store it in a safe place.
  • The Mikki Matt Breaker can take out mats in medium or long-haired pets with minimal loss of coat length.
  • Brush or comb the area to be treated – this will reduce long hair loss and make it easier to locate the mats.
  • Use short strokes to cut progressively – with very dense mats it may be necessary to rotate the wrist to produce a sawing action.
  • Never force the Matt Breaker through the coat, as this not only causes discomfort to your pet but is ineffective.
  • When clearing a matt try to hold the hair at the root to avoid pulling the skin.
  • Work from the roots towards the outer ends using short strokes.
  • When passing the Matt Breaker through the coat in long strokes keep it parallel to the skin and avoid plucking upwards.