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Pedi Paw Pet Nail Trimmer for Dogs and Cats

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Pedi Paws Pet Nail Trimmers For Cats Dogs Pet nail trimmers for cats and dogs Easy to use Perfect nails keeping your pet s nails claws in top condition is fantastic for your pet What Is PediPaws Pedi Paws is a grooming tool designed to trim nails with perfect control perfect results Out of the Box PediPaws is a simple and easy tool The device operates on two C cell batteries that are inserted into the bottom A rotating sandpaper strip three refills are included with purchase is enclosed in the head of the PediPaws A small opening at the end of the protective cap covering the rotor fits over the pet s nail The control is on the side of the wand and when activated the rotor turns and files the nail Features Easy to use Sturdy construction Resistant to rust Trim nails with ease
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